Project Based Cleaning Service in Tigard, Oregon

A Project based cleaner

If you’re seeking a project-based cleaning service in Tigard, Oregon, look no further than Damac and Associates Clean. Not every building needs an everyday cleaning service or even regular professional cleanings. But even if you’re capable of cleaning your building or space, there are certain occasions that can be difficult to deal with and will require a professional touch.

Occasionally, You Only Need a One-Time Cleaning

When you need a major, one-time cleaning job done, trust the professionals at Damac and Associates Clean. We will work tirelessly until your space is as clean as possible. And we won’t require any contract to come back every few weeks or month. We’ll do exactly what you ask of us and be on our way.

New Construction Cleaning

If you’ve recently completed a construction project in your building, there’s likely a fair bit of cleaning up to do. We can come in and ensure that every inch of your space is spotless, cleaning any surface and any type of room.

Move-in and Move-out Cleaning for Residential or Commercial Spaces

When one tenant moves out of a space and another moves in, professional cleaning is often a good idea. Even if the old tenant took good care of the space, it’s likely they missed some areas or just didn’t clean to professional standards. And you’re going to want to make as good of an impression as possible on the new tenant. We’ll help you do just that.

Disaster Cleanup

When disaster strikes, you have so much to worry about, from making sure everyone is safe and sound to repairing any structural damage. Cleaning up is likely not the first thing on your mind, but it’s also probably necessary. Take it off your plate and let us handle it for you.

Rely On Our “Attention to Detail” Cleaning Approach

When you hire Damac and Associates Clean, you can rest assured that every inch of your space will be spotless. What sets us apart from our competitors is our relentless attention to detail. We’ll make sure that there’s not one stain, not one speck of dust, not untouched surface by the time we’re finished.