Floor Restoration Service in Tigard, Oregon

Damac and Associates Clean can handle any of your floor restoration needs in Tigard, Oregon. No matter what type of floor you have in your home or business, they likely take a beating. People walk all over them, spill things on them, drop crumbs, and other debris. Sure, they get cleaned, but the damage still builds up.

After a while, the floor you invested so much money in will lose some of its aesthetic appeal. The color will dull, and it will appear older. That’s when you have to think past cleaning and invest in a floor restoration service.

Types Of Floor Restoration We Provide

Here at Damac and Associates Clean, we’re happy to provide floor restoration services for a variety of surfaces. It doesn’t matter what room in your home or what type of floor it is, there’s a good chance we can help bring back its shine.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

While hardwood floor comes with such beauty, it also invites some risk – scratches, stains, etching, warping. But it’s not like you can just replace the flooring every time there’s a nick or imperfection. Our restoration services will give your floor a facelift and bring back an aesthetic appeal.

Hard Surface Floors Like Epoxy, Terrazzo, and Concrete

When you have a hard surface floor, it’s easy to begin to think it’s indestructible. But these floors – epoxy, terrazzo, concrete, etc. – still may need restoration work after a certain amount of time. Our professional restoration team will leave your hard surface floor looking as good as new.

Tile Floor Restoration

When cleaning your tile floor isn’t enough and it’s not yet time for a full replacement, consider a tile floor restoration. This process will bring a shine back to your tile floor and leave it looking sharper and new again.