Office, Facility & School Cleaning Services in Tigard, Oregon

Here at Damac Clean we specializes in providing exceptional quality cleaning services for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings and warehouses.

Office Cleaning in Tigard, Oregon

Office Cleaning

The service we provide every day ultimately reflects on your corporate standards, employees and clients. We provide high-quality rest rooms cleaning, dusting shelves, cleaning tables, chairs, file cabinet, taking out trash, recycling all recyclables, and vacuuming, ensuring that your office looks sparkling clean and feels excellent. By taking the cleaning hassle from you keeping a clean and healthy working environment. You can focus on running your business and caring for your customers or clients.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

DAMAC ensures healthcare facility cleaning is pristine. When the healthcare building is not clean at all time, it is not safe for both patients and workers. We clean rest rooms, floors, counter tops, walkways, public spaces, equipment and the entire facility with utmost care. Using recommended CDC steam cleaning technology and environmental friendly materials to clean. With our capable professionals handling the job, you can be assured that you have the best people who can provide a better cleaner than you would expect service anywhere else.

School Cleaning

A place for learning that builds tomorrows great leaders should focus on learning and improving the minds of the students. Therefore, it is imperative that the educational environment remain clean and free of distractions. A dirty learning environment causes distractions, disorganization and disorientation. Removing these distractions is not a job for teachers or students; it is something that qualified and capable cleaning professionals should handle. Therefore, contact us for your free no obligation consultation for schools cleaning.