Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Tigard, Oregon

When you’re in need of commercial carpet cleaning services in and around Tigard, Oregon, the only place to call is Damac and Associates Clean. No matter how much or how little carpeting you have in your business, we can help make sure they’re clean and looking as good as they day you purchased them.

Why Clean the Carpets in Your Business?

The second your finish installing a carpet is the second it starts collecting dirt, dust, and grime. People walk all over it all day, leaving debris from the outside. Spills and other accidents occur. Still, it’s in your best interest as a business owner to have a clean and presentable carpet to impress customers and other visitors.

Type of Carpet Cleaning Services Provided

Here at Damac and Associates Clean, we provide a variety of commercial carpet cleaning services so we’ll be able to meet whatever needs you have.

Vacuuming Services

Every carpet needs to be vacuumed every so often. When the carpet in question is at a commercial business, it likely needs to be vacuumed a little more often. Dirt, dust, crumbs, and small debris pile up over the course of the day. Hiring a professional to vacuum will ensure that your carpet never gets to a point where that buildup is noticeable.

Spot Cleaning

No matter what kind of business you run, spills and accidents are bound to happen. Whether it’s a customer or employee that makes a mess, you’re not going to want to have a stained carpet for very long. We can act quickly to mitigate the issue without interrupting business.

Steam Cleaning and Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Our commercial steam cleaning service will kill mold, viruses, and germs that may be living in your carpet. The steam will penetrate the surface pores and remove dirt and bacteria with hot vapor molecules. We also provide a hot water extraction service, which involves a combination of hot water and cleaning agents that are injected into the fibers of a carpet with high pressure. The lifted soil is then removed by a powerful vacuum.

Our Attention to Detail is Unmatched

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unmatched attention to detail. Our professional cleaners won’t be satisfied until every inch of your carpet has been cleaned to our standards.